28 november 2010

A visit to the art and design island Naoshima

The day started with a big nice japanese breakfast, a lot different from the swedish ones. 

Before taking a look at their beautiful japanese garden. With big kooi fishes, the yellow one is almost 30 years old.  

Then we went to Megs grandmothers small farm where she grows vegetables such as grapes, aubergins, cucumber, chilli etc.

Some friends of Megs grandmother.

Later we took a trip to a local temple, which was very nice and interesting to see. Located higher up in the village in a calming environment.

Meg and Cissi

Meg show how you wash your hands at the temple.

Cissi, Meg and Linda in Megs garden before leaving for Naoshima. We spended a couple of hours in the car to get there. With us we hade Megs parents.

After a short boat trip, we arrived only to realize that the museums were closed for the day. Good for us that they at least hade one art piece outside...

A big pumpkin, so we just walked around for a while looking at the ocean.

Sunset over the island.

It was a nice day, and before leaving we found a cool cafe. It was like walking straight back in to the fifties. A cafe combined with antiques and secondhand.

After a quick coffee break we took the boat back, to catch the train to go to Osaka. Where we stayed at Megs friend.

21 november 2010

Leaving Tokyo

4th of November we left Tokyo to visit some other places. So early this morning we took the shinkansen to go to Megs parents place in the countryside.
The following pictures I took through the trainwindow. 

There is a lot of ricefields everywhere.

 Before we went to Megs parents, we stoped to visit one of the biggest furniturecompanys in Japan Maruni.

After a very good dinner made by megs mother and grandmother, we made the beds ready for a good nights sleep.

Last day at Design Tide

3rd of November was the last day at Design Tide. It felt a little bit sad that it soon was over. This day it was a lot of people there, at some points we even hade a long queue to our stand. The following pictures showes some nice things from the rest of the fair.

This is Oscar Diaz and Yuri Suzukis monter, the work a lot with technic and sound. Really cool things.

A chair made out of Japanise cedar, very nice.

Leaf letter, very cute.

Personal stories from Oslo, this group hade a lot of interesting and nice products.

This is Designskogen, textiles for children, very nice.

After packing up our monter we took a break for a good dinner.

Before we went back to get our bags at the veniu, and leave Tokyo midtown for this time.

Later that evening me and Cissi took a walk to shibuya, before it was time to go to sleep and get some rest before getting up early for traveling the morning after.

18 november 2010

A visit to Mori Art Center

While Meg and Cissi took care of the stand at Tide I went to the exhibition Sensing Nature at Mori Art Center. One of the exhibitors was Tokujin Yoshioka ( pictures above ). It was a very good exhibition

14 november 2010

A day out on the town exploring Tokyo by foot. Ending with pecha kucha at the bar Super deluxe

Tokyo Midtown was were the Design Tide was located. This is a picture taken outside of the area.

I (Linda) hade the morning off from the exibition so i took the opportunity to go out with my camera, in the area around Roppongi to take some pictures.

I got fascinated by the area because its so crowded. In between the high buildings and the big roads, you find all ower town this smal cute and simple houses.
Almost everywhere you find shops, bars and restaurants.

I found the famous art peace the giant spider Maman made by Louise Bourgeois, when i walked around in roppongi hills. Very nice skulpture.  

Later in the evening me (behind the camera) and Cecilia to the right in the picture, meet up with Silje and Ewa (She Design) and some other friends of them at the bar Super Deluxe, were it was Pecha Kucha night. They also exibited at Tide and are located in Norway, were they have there studio.  It was a nice evening with good company and good beer.

Pecha Kucha by Eiro Koivisto ( Claesson Koivisto Rune) who held a speach about his favourit instrument, the Gibson guitare.